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Pacific Rainforest Tours Offers Birding Tours on Vancouver Island

Bird with Christopher Stephens of Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours!

Experience the best of West Coast birding with Christopher Stephens of Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours! Based on Vancouver Island, we offer unparalleled opportunities to view BC’s western specialties, add lifers, and learn about North American birds. We offer morning, full day bird tours and customized bird tours. Over 200 species occur on Eastern Vancouver Island!

Georgia Basin specialties include Bewick’s Wren, Hutton’s Vireo and Black-throated Gray Warbler. There are spectacular Brant, shorebird, and sea duck migrations. An excellent diversity of resident species can be viewed year round as well. Visit the best sites, find lifers and gain insight into the ecology of western birds with field ornithologist and expert birder Christopher Stephens.
Your tour leader, Christopher Stephens, is a field ornithologist and expert birder with over 14 years birding experience on Vancouver Island. He is currently studying the Swainson’s Thrush for his MSc in Environment and Management degree at Royal Roads University and is a nature writer.

Christopher’s background includes habitat assessments, interpretation and birding in the Georgia Basin, Okanagan Valley and Columbia Basin. His areas of interest include avian ecology, ecotourism habitat use, physical adaptations and distribution.

In 2008, he was one of 6 national winners of a Doug Tarry Bird Study Award from Bird Studies Canada, and is currently working to promote wetland conservation in Parksville. Christopher draws on his knowledge, passion for birds and field skills to provide an unparalleled West Coast birding tour experience.


Viewing equipment, checklists and field guides are provided. No matter what your skill level, you will experience Vancouver Island birding at its best with our experienced field ornithologist Christopher Stephens. Forest birds, wetland birds, estuary birds and ocean birds are abundant in this area and our guide knows where to find them.

Three hour bird tours depart morning and afternoon.
Cost: $49.00 per person, Cdn. plus GST. with a minimum of 2 people or $98 for an individual tour.
Full day tours are $129.00 per person plus GST. with a minimum 2 people or $258 for an individual tour.

Customized bird tours are available upon request.
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Recent comments:


“Fabulous day”

Reviewed 26 June 2014

Spent a whole day birding with Christopher who’s knowledge is second to none. Saw 58 species in total but it wasn’t just a case of finding a bird and on to the next, we were also given plenty of information about habitat, breeding habits, food sources and so on. Christopher clearly has a passion for birds and a wry sense of humour to match. Thoroughly recommend.


May 7, 2014.

Hullo folks, thank you for providing us with a bird guide for the first couple of days on your Island, in retrospect, it would have been wise to book him for a few more days. However, with the benefit of hindsight,things would always be easy.
It was a bit of a shock to meet someone so young, but boy, does he have a gift!
We have used bird guides in Poland Norway ,Turkey,Spain,Morocco Madeira and he is without doubt the most gifted.
On occasions over the last two days, what he has demonstrated has been incredible and for a boy so young, it’s all the more remarkable, and he is humble, which is unusual for a talented kid.
The boy has a great future. Any visiting birder would be foolhardy not to use him, he definitely has a gift for identifying and finding birds.
Not to mention a ten hour day on Sunday, despite us saying he should finish by 16.00
He is remarkable.
Waine Foster, Sue Edwards.


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