Salish Sea Tidepool Tour

To accommodate Covid19 restrictions all tours will be conducted with physical distancing.  You will need to travel in your own vehicle. You will need to have your own water.

Make your next beach walk more enjoyable and heighten your understanding with experienced naturalist guides to one of the most scenic & secluded shores on Vancouver Island.

Discover the marine life in the inter-tidal zones where the biological riches of the Salish Sea are a result of the daily and seasonal mixing of waters. On this 3 hour tide pool excursion you will observe how the marine plants and animals share their environment where survival is a constant challenge.

The peaceful pulse of the lapping waves and the sounds of nature all contribute to the ambiance of this special seashore location. You can interact with a variety of wild creatures in one of nature’s most fascinating places where ocean water and land meet.

Every tide pool walk is exciting because there is always something different to discover. One highlight is the Ring-spotted Doris. Found in the lower inter-tidal zone and sub-tidal waters on rocky shores and crevices, the Ring-spotted Doris is a Nudibranch (pronounced NEWD-i-brank) belongs to the Mollusks group, and the class Gastropod.

The Ring- spotted Doris (Discodoris Sandiegensis) varies in appearance from Alaska to Southern California. In our Salish Sea waters this nudibranch is marked with many spots and rings on a creamy to tan colored base compared to the to the ones in San Francisco that are almost white with fewer markings.

They are carnivorous and eat anemones, bryozoans and their favorite food are purple sponges. It is both male & female. Following mating with another individual they lay a curly ribbon of white eggs in protected nooks and crannies. They only live a maximum of one year

Tour start times are dependent on the tides. Call 250-248-3667 for available low tide dates and times.
3 hour discovery tour. $55.00 per person, Cdn plus GST
Children 12 and under are free with minimum two adult fares.

Ring Spotted Doris – Nudibranch

Bald Eagle in Arab Bay

Bald Eagle

Arab Bay Sunstar, leather and ochre sea stars

Sunstar, leather and ochre sea stars

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