Salmon Spawning Wildlife Tour

The spectacle of life is experienced on this amazing nature tour. Watch the salmon as they fight to return to spawn where they were born. See the returning migration of salmon struggling upstream for the survival of the species. Birds of prey, scavengers and other wildlife come to feast on the salmon and their eggs. … read more …

Birding Tours

Bird with Canadian birding guide Christopher Stephens of Pacific Rainforest Adventure Tours to find North America’s western specialties on Vancouver Island. Visit Pacific Northwest birding hotspots and enjoy close views of western specialties and and sought after species including thrushes, tanagers, warblers, wrens, grosbeaks, vireos, owls, bushtits, flycatchers, hawks, falcons, waterbirds and shorebirds. Advanced birders will enjoy adding target birds to their life list and beginners may try birding for the first time.